Ahh Paris….I am truly inspired by the Parisian style!

I feel so “chic” when I think of decorating with these Bonjour  French accent style pieces.

Although my tastes can run the gamut, I simply think every home should have a little French corner!

Bonjour Mademoiselle.….are the words I hope to hear some day soon.

This little guy below needs to go on my wall as a reminder…..save, save, save, for a trip to Paris 🙂

via ~ Etsy

Carry the theme through the room with this neutral Bonjour rug!

Did you know…..The word “moustache” is French and is derived from the Italian moustacio?

Yep…..thought you might find that interesting 🙂

via~ Urban Outfitters

Reeelaxxx!!!!!! On these soft Bonjour pillows and sippa-cup of tea!

See…it’s not too hard to incorporate a little French Style in your home 🙂

via~ Mod Cloth

While your sipping your tea, kick back and read a good book.

Bonjour 40 is a Memoir about the author spending forty days in Paris where she turns 4o.

Check out the trailer below 🙂

via~ Karen A. Chase

Now I REAAAAAAALLLLLYY want to go to Paris after watching this!

And last but not least, this clean line, simplistic, colorful Bonjour Art would look great in a home office!

Ooh…add the fresh flowers, close your eyes and kick up your feet.

Envision yourself there NOW. 


via~Petit Collage

Hope you enjoyed!

joie de vivre



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