Galvanic Beauty

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Using the NUSKIN GALVANIC BODY SPA  is the perfect tool for combating cellulite.

Discover this remarkable body treatment!

How does the Galvanic Body Spa Work?

The Galvanic Body Spa stimulates, purifies and refreshes by gently pulsating the conductive surface with Nu Skin’s advanced ageLOC gels on the skin. The vibrations from the spa help to reduce and improve the signs of aging and diminish the appearance of fat and cellulite giving you a slimmer more toned look.

More information on the galvanic body spa can be found via this pdf

Can I use the Galvanic Body Spa at Home?

Absolutely! In fact this is one of the best features of having your own spa. Get fantastic Salon results in the luxury and privacy of your own home for a fraction of what you would pay at a commercial spa and can see amazing results in as little as one 10-15 minute treatment.

In the German issue of Vogue magazine, (Feb 2007) Nicole Kidman and Sophia Loren have stated they are fans of using galvanic treatments. Sophia has had galvanic treatments twice a week for the past fifty years and Nicole was quoted saying she “won’t do a red carpet event without using the Galvanic Spa device.”

What targeted areas on my body will the spa work?

There are 4 main areas on your body where the spa can be used: the abdomen thighs, arms, and buttocks. However, there are individuals who have been using the spa on legs, calves, etc. with outstanding results.  View before and after photos here. Also please keep in mind, that the body spa is not intended for use on the face. We suggest using the Galvanic Face Spa instead.

 Is the Galvanic Body Spa safe to use?

The ageLOC Galvanic Body Spa instrument should only be used on healthy skin. The spa should not be used if you have open sores or wounds, skin inflammation, allergies to metal, or problematic or overly sensitive skin. Check with your physician before using if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or similar device, if you are epileptic, have any metal implants, or in case of illness.

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