Tiny places need cool spaces so I put together a set of cozy nook tables that are perfect for your reading space.  This mix of eclectic furniture includes four different looks; vintage, retro, modern, and what I call off- the-wall.  According to the Webster dictionary, the word Nook is chiefly Scottish and means a secluded or sheltered place where you can tuck in books and what-not’s.  It’s easy to misplace something, hence the term search the nooks and crannies.  Although some of these items can be a bit pricey in the photo below, it is still inspiring to see what designers offer. Because I live in a tiny place, I am always searching for creative ways to hide the clutter and keep the look of the room to a minimal. The challenge here for me is to see what I can find based on the design aspirations.

Stay tuned as I embrace the challenge.  What’s your take on these eclectic looks?


Nooks & Crannies
Nooks & Crannies by joymariebelle on polyvore.com



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