Add a little exotic flair to your home with Moroccan Design. Morocco is a country that blends styles from different cultures rich in color, mosaic patterns, and dramatic Mediterranean influences. Use bits of orange/reddish colors inspired by the sands of the Sahara desert and African sunset to add exciting elements and pops of color. Below are a few more details that outline the style to help you create your own exotic oasis. My personal favorite is using the shimmering gold throughout my home.

What style of decorating is your favorite?  Share with a comment below and I will put a Polyvore collage together featuring the design.


Achieve the Moroccan Style with the following:

  • Use shades of blue, green and bits of shimmering gold inspired by Morocco’s landscape and the Mediterranean.
  • Choose a candle with exotic spice scents like nutmeg, saffron and cinnamon.
  • Add lanterns with colored glass.
  • Create a canopy over your bed with mosquito netting.
  • Explore different textures with patterned fabric rich in color and design that glimmer and reflect light.
  • Use large exotic plants such as a banana tree in baskets or colorful containers.
  • An iron dome shaped mirror embellished with jewels can enhance the Moroccan décor.
  • Use stacks of Pouf cushions and rich Persian rugs over tiled floors.


Moroccan Spice
Moroccan Spice by joymariebelle featuring pendants



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