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I was reminiscing the other day and thinking back to when my kids were little and when I ran a daycare.  Back then, I needed every trick in the book to stay on top of things. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite tips that I learned.  I also added in a neat little video on arranging art on the wall and a few handy items to use around the home. We could all use a little time-saving ideas…if you have one, please share with a comment.


Tooth paste Trick: Although this video has a lot of great suggestions, I like to use what I call the Toothpaste picture hanging trick…..Put a dab of toothpaste on the back of your artwork or mirror where the hanging tab is and then hold out…eyeball it…and press on the wall where you want to place the art work. Remove and viola see the toothpaste on the wall?  That is where your nail goes.  It works for me:)

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Organize your closet by color: Put white shirts together, black slacks together, etc until everything looks uniform.  Purchase these adorable hangers above from Etsy for a little extra eye pleasing factor or this neat Ikea hanger where you can hang five pairs of pants or jeans, saving you folding and storage space!

Remove Candle Wax on Upholstery or Carpet: Simply take a brown paper bag and place over the candle wax, then take your clothing iron on a low setting and put on top of the paper bag.  The wax will slowly melt into the paper bag. After you are done, treat fabric before washing.


Put ice cubes into a metal pan and place on top of the candle wax until the wax is frozen. With a small utility hammer, break up the wax and pick up the pieces and throw away. Follow with dry-cleaning solvent on a cloth to remove any residue left.

Ballpoint-Ink Stain: Ink stain is just about as bad as hair color stains.  Working in the salon, I use to always use hairspray if I happened to get color on my clothing…worked like a charm, but you can also try rubbing alcohol. To get rid of, place the garment on an old towel with the stain side down and lightly dampen a cloth with the rubbing alcohol and dab the stain.

Tip: Don’t rub..Just dab 🙂

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Color Crayon on Walls: What parent hasn’t experienced this at least once…If you have a child that has decided to show off his or her artistic talent on walls or wallpaper, here is a great way to remove it.  Use dry cleaning solvent which is available at a drug or shoe store. Add a little bit on a soft cloth towel to remove the crayon safely.

Side note: I do not suggest this if you have vintage wallpaper.

Tupperware wet wipes: This has got to be about the best item to use if you have little ones at home. When I ran a daycare, this was a lifesaver. I always had a tub of these sitting on the counter for wiping grimy hands and they were wonderful to use for a diaper change.  You can purchase a container similar to what I used at Tupperware…I am thinking it was the Classic Sheer® 1¾-Qt./1.75 L Pitcher.

A great cost saver……and you can also turn this trick into cleaning cloths.  Simply use water and pine cleaning solution and pour over the paper towel.

Baby Wipes-Here’s what you do:

1)      Purchase 1 Tupperware container (with lid) that will snugly fit the 1/2 roll of paper

2)      Buy your paper towel in bulk for extra savings-1/2 roll of Bounty paper towels ( tip don’t buy cheap…they will not perform)

3)      You will need Two cups of Water

4)      Two Tablespoons of Baby Magic Wash

5)      Two Tablespoons of Baby Oil or you can use Olive Oil

6)      Cut the roll of paper towel in half with a serrated knife and remove the inside cardboard and place in the Tupperware container

7)      Boil the water and then mix in the rest of ingredients and pour over the paper towel until soaked through

8)      Let cool down and then add the lid and make sure it fits snugly so the wet wipes will not dry out-start pulling from center where you removed the cardboard.




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