Would you consider using Neon colors in your decorating scheme?

Decorating with Neon colors can look either hip or lame depending on how you use them.  This color is perfect for using in a child’s room because it will add a pop of sunshine and help your child focus on their creative side.  As an adult, we like to bring out our quirky side too with a key item such as a neon sofa or chair.  If you have a neutral decorating palette, then using neon is a great way to carry the “happy factor” element into a room.

One aspect of decorating with this color is that you can actually save money by using a design piece that is smaller such as an art frame or pillow. You only need enough neon to add a splash of color, anything more than that can make a room seem off kilter.  With that being said, if you have a large space that you are decorating, than this is where you can use a larger object such as the sofa or chair.

The key to properly using Neon colors for your space is to first position the other items in your room, then start adding in the Neon color.  Look at your space and decide which shade of Neon would enhance your existing items. Here are a few bold examples for you to get an idea of using Neon in your home. Think petite, thin and modern when choosing which objects to use in your space.

Quite the rage back in the eighties…what’s your take on this trend?






Eclectic Living Room design by Interior Designer D Swift
Love the color of this sofa with the contrasting hot pink trim and pillows.
Contemporary Kitchen design by Boston Architect David Sharff Architect, P.C.
This is a perfect example of adding just a touch of neon to a neutral room.
Eclectic Kitchen design by Brisbane Kitchen And Bath Kim Duffin for Sublime Cabinet Design
This is a lovely color combo balanced out by white….a tad modern for me, but nice and clean look.
This pillow adds a nice touch for decorating and is a good way of adding a little peep of hot pink neon.
Nice mix of the retro neon colors.
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