Fall is here!  Are you ready for some change?

Fall is an excellent time of year to tweak our homes.  The kids have returned back to school and there seems to be so much more time to address our space.  The days start getting cooler and we finally feel like tackling all the sand and dust that accumulated from a summer of fun.  Here are five simple ways to renew and embrace your home! Time to make some changes and let loose 🙂

Contemporary Powder Room design by New York James Wagman Architect, LLC

1)      Break your color habit!

We all tend to fall into a rut and use the same color scheme throughout our home, but did you know, that by adding variation to your color scheme, that you can increase your energy and outlook.  Be bold and daring and try something new…..even if it is inside a closet, at least you are breaking a habit and learning to embrace something new.  Adding upbeat color can bring major changes into your life.


2)      Lighten and brighten your home.

Try changing out your pillows on a sofa, or slipcover a chair for a fresh look.  Add a new plant to your space and fill up a pretty bowl with fresh fruit or add a new vase with flowers.  Add buttons to a lampshade for a unique effect. Simple changes make amazing results!

Eclectic Home Office design by Boise Interior Designer Judith Balis

3)      Create an awesome space just for you.

We all need a place to go and just chill.  You deserve this! So fill up your little niche with soothing colors and textures.  No matter what your style, personalize and make it just for you and then try to take at least 15 minutes each day to breathe it all in.

Modern Kitchen design by Minneapolis General Contractor Vision Homes & Remodeling

4)      Eliminate Chaos!

Life can pretty crazy especially if you have little ones at home. Take one room that holds the most chaos and make two changes to it that will make the room calmer. Simply removing clutter or changing to a monochromatic scheme for a soothing effect will do much for improving the chaos.

Contemporary Living Room design by New York Kitchen And Bath Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

5)      Entertain once every month.

I know how I am when I am entertaining; I walk around my home and make sure everything is in its place neat and tidy. Candles are lit and all those little details have been addressed to make the home inviting.  Breathe in deep and relax and enjoy your company.   They will feel simply divine because you have taken the time to honor them with your comfortable home.

joie de vivre



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