Feng shui translates as “wind and water” and is the art and science of living in harmony with the environment.  Feng shui is based on the idea that the energy, or chi, in every space has its own personality.  Those who occupy the space reflect the personality of the chi in it.  When the space you live or work in is arranged in harmony with nature, life can be good.

So what does it mean to Feng Shui your desk?

By arranging items on your desk in a certain direction, you can enhance your creativity, productivity, and career. A satisfying feeling at the end of each day is to know that the clutter has been dealt with; it can be energy-draining to begin the morning confronted with the debris from the day before.

Consider the following things that can give you negative results:

  • A desk drawer that harbors a considerable amount of rubbish.
  • Pencils or pens that no longer work.
  • Heaps of papers strewn all over the desk.

Now let’s take a look at what you can do to bring positive results to your desk.  Using the Baqua map listed below, look for items that can be placed accordingly.

1) Career-Place your computer in this spot and use a desktop screensaver such as a waterfall to symbolize money.

2) Relationships-Use symbols of two here, such as two roses and a photo of you and your sweetie.

3) Family-Use wood element in this area to stabilize family roots.  The singing bowl adds a touch of metal to this area also and can be used throughout the day to break up the chi of the room.  Use it if you are having hard time grounding and focusing on a project.

4) Abundance -Use a money tree or green plant to symbolize wealth.  I like to add crystals to the pot to enhance the luxury factor.

5) Health-This area needs to stay cleared of clutter.  You can use the area while working on a project, but make sure you clear it before you leave the room. Think of it as cleansing your health.

6) Helpful People-Place your telephone in this spot along with the address book, this way you are able to locate the numbers of individuals who help you in your day to day operations.

7) Creativity-This is a great place to place a small container with scissors, glue, stickers etc.

8 ) Knowledge-Place reference books in this spot or anything that enhances wisdom.

9) Fame-Place a candle, crystal, and business cards in this spot to enhance your fame and reputation. Opposite this area, you can use diplomas on the wall or an uplifting image to represent future possibilities.

Here is another example of some items you can use for your desk created in Polyvore.


HOME DESIGN-FENG SHUI YOUR DESK! by joymariebelle on polyvore.com

Other things to remember:

  • Always keep a wall behind you and use a tall desk chair for your back.
  • Make sure that you are facing the opening of the room, but not too close to the door.
  • Also you do not want any windows behind your desk chair.
  • Use high quality lighting that will imitate natural lighting.
  • Do not place a trashcan underneath a desk, as this metaphorically places things on the desk into the trashcan.
  • Tie three Chinese coins with red ribbon and place them throughout the office and on the desk.

Try these Feng Shui suggestions on your desk at home and share what results you have in the comments below.




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