Ahh Organization…it is the key to success!

So why do we tend to procrastinate on this subject?

It could very well be because we just do not know what to do with all that clutter. We move it from one room to another room just to try to get it out of the way.  Over the years, I have learned by helping others how to sort through all the clutter and chaos and introduce clients to a peaceful organized space. Whether it is file organization, basements, or kitchens, it takes time and does not happen overnight. Once the project is done, there is a sense of harmony.  So let’s get started with the following tips and tools by first using the …

Feng Shui Method: Before you start organizing your space, you need to ask yourself these four simple questions.

1. Do I need it?

2. Do I love it?

3. Does it lift my mood and energy?

4. Does it reflect who I long to be 5 years from now?

Once you have answered these four questions, you can now proceed to use some of the suggestions below.

One final word, do not get discouraged, play some up-beat music or sip some hot tea and simply envision the end result.

Do you have a great organization tip? I’m sure the readers would love to hear….share below in the comments.


Tip #1

Use a Laundry Basket– Whether it is last minute company stopping over or you just need to start somewhere, grab your laundry basket and fill it up with all the odds and ends stuff lying around and either start sorting or if you do not have time, place in a closet.  I used to do this when I had a daycare….it was the fastest way to clear the toys and then when I had time at night, I would put them all in their proper place. More then likely, you might have to start with Fido first and place him in his crate 🙂

Tip #2

Throw away all the little insignificant paper items and tackle that stack of mail.  Use a shoe box and trash can to do this and then once sorted, use a designated mail holder for the mail, and take all those little papers that you do need to keep and start…..

Tip # 3

Evernote: This is a great site where you can organize recipes and more. Download the clipper and simply clip whichever recipe you find on the internet to your notebook. Take all those little papers and start typing them into a notebook online. You will be able to access it from any computer. I use it to organize all my blogs that I put together.

You can also drag and drop any photo from your computer into the notebook.  Another neat way is the old fashioned Hipster PDA way.

Tip #4

Use Storage Containers– I love the look of the  IKEA  GARNITYR BOX– set of seven- decorated with beige and white flower to organize socks, belts etc.  Retails $12.99

Or head over to the Container store and pick up this Trellis 3-Drawer Cart which would look great with the Magazine organizers listed below.  Curb the office clutter! Retails $29.99

If you are fortunate to live close to one of these stores, then take a day to explore or another solution would be the storage items at Target.

Tip # 5

Use Magazine holders: Organize magazines with this neat DiVOGA Black & White Collection at office max. Retails $5.99 each

Tip #6 -via email from my daughter 🙂

Fold T-shirts vertically- place in your drawers so you can see them. Check out this neat one minute clip by Fay Wolf at Apartment therapy.

Tip #7

Pier one: Chrome Under-Counter wine glass rack

Pier one is another great place to pick up storage items. When I lived in Michigan, I had a teeny tiny kitchen and this little rack came in handy for storing the wine glasses and it looked neat when I added the little wine glass charms to it. Retails $12

Tip #8

Organize your cords in style: If you’re anything like me, you probably pull out your hair trying to find where you put that darn cord or you pick one up and can’t remember what it goes to. Organize in style with the Dotz cord straps. Retails $7.99



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