Did you know that energy plays a very important role in your home?

Feng Shui is a perfect example of working with the chi or flow of your room to produce positive life enhancing successes.  Our space whether positive or negative, reflects onto us during our daily interactions with our jobs, friends, and family and the results can be dramatic.

Example: Say you have a leaky faucet and you’re lying in bed and hear the constant drip and then it begins to annoy you…but you know it has to wait until morning when you can call the plumber.  So the next morning, you wake up and are ornery and fuzzy headed because you had no rest.  This is negative energy and can mess with the energy of your home.

 What if we could reduce this energy and balance it out?

Well you can create balance and stability by simply working with gemstones in your décor.  You might wonder how using stones for decorating could possibly enhance the energy of a room, but when you put some thought into it, the ancient civilizations used to use stones for healing. Many crystals that we now know to be healing stones have been reputed to have been used in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt and Archaeologists have found these same crystals of a healing nature in ancient tombs.

The photos below show a few examples of how you can decorate using gemstones, but it does not always have to be some elaborate lamp or piece of furniture, you can also specifically pick up small gemstones and place them throughout your home.  I have done that with my space and have crystals that sit by my bed, next to my garden tub, and on my living room window ledge.

I just love the turquoise hanging lamp, what’s your favorite photo below? 


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TURQUOISE: Peaceful, steady, balancing, protective vibration.  Great stone for safe travel…..gives meaningfulness to one’s life and induces laughter.

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AMETHYST: Tranquility and peace of mind.  Helps to sharpen intuition, initiate wisdom and calm the mind.   Use as a protection stone and healing tool for addictive personalities.

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AGATE: A stone of protection and abundance.  Enhances good luck and courage.

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Concetto is from CaesarStone’s new masterpiece collection and is created by fusing nature’s hues and designs with individually cut semi-precious stones to form the ultimate luxury stone surface.

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ONYX-Stabilizes and strengthens.  Quells fears of the unknown and increases vigor and stamina.

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“The Essence Cocktail table combines the best of modern techniques, styles, and materials with a natural semi-precious stone top to create a table that is both the essence of modernity and the essence of refined luxury.”


Agate “Pedra” Coasters named after the Portuguese word for “rock”, makes an ideal house warming gift.



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