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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Did you know that energy plays a very important role in your home?

Feng Shui is a perfect example of working with the chi or flow of your room to produce positive life enhancing successes.  Our space whether positive or negative, reflects onto us during our daily interactions with our jobs, friends, and family and the results can be dramatic.

Example: Say you have a leaky faucet and you’re lying in bed and hear the constant drip and then it begins to annoy you…but you know it has to wait until morning when you can call the plumber.  So the next morning, you wake up and are ornery and fuzzy headed because you had no rest.  This is negative energy and can mess with the energy of your home. (more…)

HOME DESIGN – Niche Paints That Will Color Your World!

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

The word “niche” is from the French word nichier, which means “to nest”; more to the point, a niche is (by extension) “Any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.” Hence the two main niche paints listed below represent some of the most unique products on the market today which can help establish your business as a specialty company or give you creative possibilities in your home or office. (more…)