This is part two from yesterday’s blog on Art Deco Fashion. 

Today, I would like to focus on home design using the Art Deco style.  I’ve always had an eye for  “unique” furnishings.  I love to go to estate sales and see what I can find 🙂

I gravitate towards mid century modern lately.

When I was younger, I adored the vintage French style. Funny… how my tastes have changed now that I am older. What best describes the Art Deco period,  is the clean lines, geometric shapes and the use of bright colors. It is similar to the mid century modern lines, except for a few differences; mid century modern sticks with simplicity and does not show decorative ornamentation where as, Art Deco has design characteristics such as the Lotus motif and the use of bright colors.

I find the history surrounding Art Deco fascinating and have been gravitating not towards the bright colors, but toward the more natural style with clean lines.

Below are a few examples of this from the early pioneers in Art Deco.

Do you like bright….or neutral from this style?


South Beach, Miami is a prime example of the Art Deco Style and claims the largest concentration of 1920s and 1930s architecture in the world.  Notice the play of vibrant colors and patterns 🙂 via~ Travel Channel

Another interesting characteristic of Art Deco is “channels” which are used to create vertical sections in an upholstered back.  This is a very cool set with chairs and table that reflect the style. via~ HGTV

This exquisite Lotus dressing table is a wonderful example of early French Art Deco. “Designed by one of the most important Art Deco designers, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann, it combines the use of luxurious and exotic materials including amaranth, andaman padouk, ebony and ivory with classical forms.” via~V&A

Now this set of chairs is simply stunning! “A mirrored pair of generously proportioned French Art Deco mahogany framed chairs, the back of curved leaf form upholstered to simulate veins.” via~ Showplace

To me, this is the ultimate chair.  I love the simplicity of this Gonse Chair by EMILE-JACQUES RUHLMANN who was a pioneer in the Art Deco style. Interesting story via~WSJ

Ok, I had to dig a little further and found out that a set of two sold for a whopping price via~Philips de Pury & Co  Yowza!

To me this Sideboard is a perfect example of crossing mid-century modern with art deco style. Clean lines however made by another pioneer in Art Deco….Paul Dupre Lafon. via~ Style

Here you see the Lotus motif again in this gorgeous blue vase via~ carters



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