Whose in the mood to boost your decor with some RAINBOW finds?

100 Rainbow Cupcake liners
Retail $8.09 at YGG Mall

Our home is a reflection of our personalities. If something is lacking in your life, you might need a little jolt of color to shake things up. What better way to break out of the norm than with a few of these rainbow accessories. This past weekend I spent a little time searching the web for this unique decor. Some might be a little out there for you, but a few of these items listed below might just be what you are looking for.  Whether expensive of cheap, I’ve done the research so all you have to do is click the links.

By adding color to your home, energy flows where attention goes.  In the world of Feng Shui, this would be what we call breaking the chi:)


The Arcoiris Cucu clock is made of colored resin and contains a white cuckoo.  Arcoiris in Portuguese means rainbow.  This clock is available in two sizes and also in a black and white version. Retails $350 at bobby berkhome

Now this just might wake you up in the morning 🙂 Color Changing Showerhead Nozzle – Rainbow LED Lights Cycle Every 2 Seconds. Retails $29 on Amazon

These Felt Hot Pads From Nepal are rich in bright colors and have a soft nubby texture. A wonderful accent to use on your table tops for those scorching hot pots of stew. Retails $11.70 (sale) at cube marketplace

This wall mount fish bowl would be fun to use in a kids room.  Just picture it on a wall painted with waves, octopus, and whales in a murid of rainbow colors.  How neat to add a touch of the real goldfish with this aquarium tank. Retails $18.49 at home trends

Decorative and modern rainbow cushion cover crafted from Sunbrella outdoor canvas for home and garden – easy to maintain, colorfast, machine washable and mess-proof! Retails $45 at Etsy

This rug is wonderful accent for a kids room.The rainbow rug is made from mostly found (recycled) t shirts.  Retails at Etsy (Pricing varies)

Add a burst of color to any room with these brilliant, recycled glass vases made to reflect gorgeous rays of light. Jewel vases Retail $29.99 at Uncommon Goods




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