Six Beautiful Window Treatments to Reflect Upon!

Barbara Barry once said, “Windows shouldn’t look like party dresses,”  her theory being that  we should think of window treatments architecturally, as extensions of the wall. Shes goes on to state, “Treat them simply with a fabric that’s the same color as the wall so that you enlarge rather than constrain the space.”

Well, I am not so sure I totally agree with this whole statement.

Although it is true that less is more, I find that a well dressed window can be what draws the eyes to the space.  Of course, it does make a difference if the purpose of decorating the window is for home staging or is it to beautify your space with a redesign. I have shown a few examples below that give you a good idea of what I mean when I say windows should draw the eyes into a space or room.

The year of 2012 trend tends to lean toward earthy hues such as moss green, dusky browns, and pale yellows. Bamboo and natural wooden treatments are a popular choice and the earthiness creates an ambiance of comfort and soothing spaces. The trend is to stay away from heavy fabrics and select fabrics that are lighter, such as cottons and silks.

Personally, I like a punch of color…what’s your style?  Share with a comment below.

joie de vivre

This color green fits in nice with the earth tone colors. The simple tassel fringe adds a little pizazz to the curtains.

Head on over to check out the other gorgeous styles found at the Decorating Den by Ragan Corliss


This is a beautiful chic azure window treatment that is simple, elegant and a nice contrast to the wall color. The simple layered effect gives the room a ethereal feeling.

via~Anton Valiev

Add a burst of color to your bathroom or any room in your home. Use paint and this free downloadable stencil from Lowe’s to transform any plain window treatment into embellished shades. Simple yes! Makes a statement…definitely! via~ Lowes

What a nice play of rain forest green prints with the bamboo blinds.  A natural beachy palette to relax in and enjoy!

via~Coastal living

So….I had to laugh when I read the story behind this photo.

The curtains and matching bedding is made from Wedding Dress Fabric….so contradicting from the quote mentioned earlier 🙂

The designer is a truly talented woman!

I love the romantic side that the room portrays and the colors are subtle and soothing and yes….they do blend in well with the walls but oh my….girly girl dress style.

Go read the blog and see all the rest of the pretty photos….love the corset pillow she made.

via~Elizabeth Houses

This is an interesting window treatment designed to off-set the odd shape of the window style. Great way to camouflage and pull the eye to the design.

Nice View too 🙂

via~ Houzz



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